ChemistPlace established with the idea to enrich people with the information of healthcare sectors. At ChemistPlace, you find information related to medicines, diseases, health supplements and stores near you.

ChemistPlace is an initiative of TGinfosystem. The vision is to provide a common place where a person will get information about all the available medicines in the market under different brand names. Each brand comes with different price tag but the combination of salt is same. Every medicine is created with a set of salt i.e called Generic Medicine. ChemistPlace provide the details of each brand with their generic name along with its price. By this mean, a user can opt accordingly as per their budget.

ChemistPlace also allow users to refine results by categorizing the content such as diseases,health supplements, generic medicines and many more. Our goal at ChemistPlace is to improve and refine to practice and making it more easier for its users to avail the information related to medicines, health supplements and stores nearby you. ChemistPlace not only refines your search by brand name but also by generic name of the products available in market.

Other than medicines, ChemistPlace also provide the details of health supplements available in the market according to the user needs. Also, ChemistPlace serves for the details of various diseases.

Most of the times it happens that user face difficulty in finding a nearby chemist. ChemistPlace also provides the details of medical stores nearby.

ChemistPlace specifically aims to:
      Provide all available content at one click
      Answer the medical queries
      Offer additional medically relevant information
      Satisfy users curiosity and requirements

We are continuously working on the content available with users experience on ChemistPlace and we also highly value all comments and criticisms intended to help us in that objective. The content on the site is not preferential and prioritized but also allow the users to find the most authoritative clinical information on the web.


June 10, 2012 : Launched

Aug 06, 2015 : Launched ChemistPlace Android App to connect chemists and customers.