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Terms of use of ChemistPlace app
      ChemistPlace is a platform which connects customers to nearby chemists.
      Customers and chemists who registered on the ChemistPlace app should abide by the terms and conditions. In case of violation, the sole responsibility is with chemists and customers. ChemistPlace will not be held responsible by law for any violation or loss of chemists or customers.
      ChemistPlace do not sale medicines, baby products or any other healthcare products.
      The sole responsibility of ordering medicine is with the customer only. ChemistPlace do not take any responsibility if any medicine or products are ordered by customer is prohibited to order online according to law.
      The sole responsibility of delivering medicine is with the chemist. ChemistPlace do not take any responsibility if any medicine or products are delivered by chemist without prescription or which is prohibited to deliver online according to law. Chemists should rely on their natural instinct while delivering any medicine or product. Chemists has the right to decline any order for delivery with proper reason communicated to ChemistPlace.
      It is sole responsibility of chemist to verify the prescription issued by a registered doctor before or during delivery and complete all the necessary actions where ever required.

Terms of Cashback
      10% Cashback on First Order and 20% Cashback on 10th order, 20th order, 30th order and so on.
      Cashback up to a maximum of Rs 50/- per order and Rs 200/- per month.
      To avail cashback upload respective bill image against the order in 'You --> ChemistPlace Cash'.
      Cashback will be credited within 2-5 days after uploading the bill into ChemistPlace Wallet.
      Cashback is subject to successful verification of the bill.
      Cashback is available only on prescribe medicines.
      To qualify for cashback redemption, the accrued unpaid cashback need to exceed Rs 200/-.
      Cashback will be paid in form of coupons.
      Valid for all users.
      ChemistPlace reserve the right to reject any bill in case of irregularities.
      ChemistPlace reserve the right to end any or all offers without any prior notice.

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